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Chapter Officers

Anna Sodemann


Anna gets to work alongside all of our incredible, dedicated Chapter Council and assist them in any way they may need. Additionally, Anna acts as the source of communication for Zeta Zeta chapter advisers, Kappa Kappa Gamma National Headquarters, and Westminster College. She oversees the Zeta Zeta chapter as a whole and as such, is available for anything a member may need at any time.

  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Clara Baldwin


As Treasurer, Clara creates the annual budget. This budget is used to create membership dues. This allows the women of Zeta Zeta to participate in all of the fun events we do on campus. Clara manages the finances throughout the year. As well, she writes checks and manages the Zeta Zeta credit card.

  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Columbia, MO

Ashley Kistaitis

Membership Chairman

As Membership Chairman, Ashley plans and coordinates formal recruitment each fall semester, as well as informal recruitment in the spring. Ashley educates Zeta Zeta on plans for formal and informal recruitment. She also works with Westminster's Panhellenic organization to ensure an ethical recruitment process within Zeta Zeta and the other sororities on campus.

  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Lincoln, NE

Madi Loescher

Vice President Organization

As Vice President Organization, Madi has many responsibilities including: creating and managing the chapter calendar, hosting the Leadership Consultant, conducting the chapter survey, creating chapter goals, forming committees within the chapter, and leading the chapter’s monthly committee nights.

  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Josie Cotter

Vice President Standards

As Vice-President Standards, Josie keeps up the positive morale and high standards of our Zeta Zeta. She and her committee work very closely with Zeta Zeta's president to hold our sisters accountable, whether that be in fulfilling our duties as officers or just representing Kappa Kappa Gamma well in our everyday lives. We hold different events and morale boosters to promote sisterhood bonding. It's Josie's job to assist in promoting the well being of every member of Zeta Zeta.

  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Mount pleasant, MO

Lexi Knisley

Vice President Academic Excellence

As Vice President Academic Excellence, Lexi not only keeps Zeta Zeta members accountable academically, but also provides academic support when needed. She provides knowledgeable sources of information and scholarship opportunities. As well, Lexi presents the academic successes of Zeta Zeta to Westminster and to the greater Kappa Kappa Gamma organization.

  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Lake St. Louis, MO

Angela Vanderpluym

Recording Secretary

As Recording Secretary, Angela records the minutes from Chapter every week. She keeps track of Chapter attendance and membership attendance at events. As well, she updates Chapter bylaws and standing rules.

  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Belleville, IL

Kayla Bunch


As Marshal, Kayla is the steward of tradition, decorum, and ritual. She preserves the integrity and historical significance of the ritual of Kappa Kappa Gamma, which ties together generations of Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters. As well, she educates and nurtures Chapter appreciation of ritual and ensures that the same words, same songs and same order are spoken, sung, and observed at special services. Kayla also plans and coordinates all Inspiration Period activities and ensures that new members are initiated through traditional ritual.

  • Class: Sophomore
  • Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Sarah Crawford


As Registrar, Sarah maintains membership status, records Zeta Zeta's archives, and creates a history report of what the women of Zeta Zeta accomplish over the year, which she submits to Kappa Kappa Gamma head quarters.

  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Jefferson City, MO

Makayla Jackson

Education Chairman

As Education Chairman, Makayla leads Program Chapters where she invites different committees to educate the chapter on various topics. She also plans Senior Programming and Senior week. As well, Makayla helps transition seniors to alumnae.

  • Class: Sophomore
  • Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Katherine Bloom

House Chairman

As House Chairman, Katherine maintains and cleans the chapter lounge. As well, Katherine plans the monthly meals for Zeta Zeta.

  • Class: Freshman
  • Hometown: Pullman, WA

Katie Carey

Philanthropy Chairman

As Philanthropy Chair, Katie is responsible for raising money for Zeta Zeta's beneficiaries, The Special Learning Center, Reading is Fundamental, and the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation. Katie also plans a Reading is Key event in Fulton, and she gets Zeta Zeta involved in other sorority and fraternity philanthropy events. In the fall, Katie plans the Kappa Klassic Golf Tournament.

  • Class: Sophomore
  • Hometown: Columbia, MO

Grace Archambault

Public Relations Chairman

As Public Relations Chairman, Grace manages, operates, and updates all of Zeta Zeta's social media accounts. She ensures a positive presence of our chapter online. As well, she oversees each members individual social media and reinforces positive public relations.

  • Class: Sophomore
  • Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Cailey Edwards

New Member Chairman

As New Member Chairman, Cailey plans and leads the New Member Experience programs. As well, she provides continued education and support to new members throughout their first year of membership. Josie also plans Bid Day, New Member Retreat, Big/Little Reveal, one-on-one New Member Conferences, and the Initiation Banquet for Zeta Zeta. Cailey also serves as a member of the Standards Committee for the duration of her term.

  • Class: Senior
  • Hometown: Hominy, OK

Ashlynn LaFlamme

Panhellenic Delegate

As Panhellenic Delegate, Ashlynn acts as the liaison between the Panhellenic Council and Kappa. Ashlynn represents Kappa at weekly meetings. She is responsible for voting on behalf of Kappa on any Panhellenic rule changes, and she keeps Kappa in the know.

  • Class: Freshman
  • Hometown: Jefferson City, MO

Lauren Bell

Risk Management Chair

As Risk Management Chair, Lauren educates Chapter Council and Chapter members about risk management policies and procedures of the Fraternity, the Fraternal Information and Programming Group, Interfraternity Council, National Panhellenic Conference and Westminster College. She serves as a liaison to other organizations (e.g., Panhellenic, Interfraternity Council, etc.) and educates them about Zeta Zeta’s risk management procedures and policies. Lauren also educates the Greek-letter community about Zeta Zeta’s requirements. She recognizes when an Event Planning Form is required, and Lauren knows how to complete it. She develops and implements a yearlong, comprehensive risk management education program designed to educate Zeta Zeta members about a wide variety of risk management topics related to personal safety and wellness. Lauren serves as a role model for the rest of the chapter and represents the values of Zeta zeta and the Fraternity at large to others on campus and in the community. She is familiar with the Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Bylaws, Standing Rules and Policies, Chapter Bylaws and Standing Rules, Aspirations and Leadership Guide.

  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Chillicothe, MO

Aubrie Vaughn

Events Chairman

As Events Chairman, Aubrie plans formals, socials, and parents' weekends for Zeta Zeta. Aubrie works with a budget to create fun, creative, and extremely successful events.

  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Columbia, MO